All reservation requests must be made directly by each participant or each company (and not through a third party such as travel agency).

The RVS and the Monaco Government Tourist and Convention Authority will do its best for accommodating the participants.

We require a minimum of 3 night stay as well as full prepayment at the time of reservation (within the quota granted to the RVS).

A validation of your booking request will be sent by the RVS, subject to availability at the time of request and within allocation granted in selected RVS hotels. Each participant will receive reservation conditions and deposit request directly from the hotel. No-shows and anticipated departures will also be specified by the hotel. Full prepayment has to be paid directly to the hotel.

Considering that number of participant exceeds number of room available in the main hotels within the Principality, RVS revised the right to apply criteria of seniority of the participant and/or the company for allocating the hotel room.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Principality of Monaco soon.