We look forward to welcoming you to the 63rd edition of the "Rendez-Vous de Septembre".
You could only register online and a registration fee of 200 euros per participant will be required.

Check-In will take place in “Salle d’Or I” at the Hotel Fairmont Monte-Carlo from Saturday 7th of September 2.00 pm until Thursday 12th September 2019 mid-day.

For security reasons, badge is mandatory.

Additional space for meetings and appointments will be available at the Hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo. For more information, please click on the section "meeting space".

The official cocktail party and the Panel Discussion will take place at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo. We remind you that no other event will be allowed during the official cocktail.

We remind you that the official participant list will be distributed to registered participants who will pick up their badge at the registration desk at the Hotel Fairmont Monte Carlo. This list will not be transmitted before the event and is not available in electronic format.

The organizers thank you for your loyalty to the "Rendez-Vous de Septembre" and wish you a successful 2019 edition.

Deadlines 2019 Dates

* Payment by wire transfer:
After this date we won't be able to accept any wire transfer. Each Registration will have to be paid by Credit card.


* Free cancellation:
After this date we won't be able to refund a cancellation anymore.


* End of Void and replace:
After this date, each person will have to pay for a new registration even if it is a replacement.


* Printing of the Book:
After this date, each new registration will appear in the additionnal list.


* End of registrations and modifications:
Our office will move to the Fairmont Monte- Carlo.

72h prior the event - 04/09/2019



RVS partners have exclusive distribution of their magazines and products to all participants and have valuable exposure in the registration area.





Additional space for meetings and appointments will be available at the “Galerie Cristal” – Fairmont Monte-Carlo during the whole RVS duration.